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Nervous System


Consisting of billions of neurons, the brain is the organ which control all our senses and motion system . It ensures the coordination of all these functions by ensuring communication between the neurons and therefore producing an electric current to perform the required function. Abnormal electric current causes sudden discharges, “seizures”.

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological condition characterized by recurrent seizures. Not every person who has seizures is an epilepsy patient. A patient who had at least three recurrent seizures is often considered as an epilepsy patient by neurologists. Observed seizures may be different from each other and the epilepsy patient may have different types of seizures.

The most common causes of epilepsy include:
• Brain tumors
• Infections
• Head traumas
• Tumors (especially brain tumors)
• High fever
• Alcohol deprivation
• Poisoning

The aim of the epilepsy treatment is to reduce the seizure frequency and duration and/or to control, in addition not to let the seizures effect the daily life of the patient.

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