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Infulenza and Cold

Influenza A and B viruses cause influenza. The viruses are carried to human on water droplets which are spread via coughing or sneezing. When the viruses are inhaled into the body, they settle in the upper and lower respiratory tract where they proliferate very rapidly. Their incubation period ranges between 1 and 3 days. Even in the incubation period people may transmit the disease to others. 1 or 2 days after infection, when the viral proliferation rate is at the highest level, symptoms including fever/chills, headache, muscle pain, malaise and coughing are seen. An infected individual may continue to transmit the disease to others within a period of 4-6 days after the symptoms first appeared.

The influenza virus can affect the whole body and it was detected in the middle ear, skeletal muscle, heart, liver, blood and central nervous system.

Cold:Sneezing, having a constantly running nose and feeling a mild fatigue… You certainly are sick. However you may not need to panic thinking you have influenza. It is possible that you may have caught a cold caused by more than 250 causes. Cold begins with nasal congestion, runny nose, burning throat and cough. There are various viruses causing a cold. These are rhinovirus, adenovirus, respiratory tract syncytial virus, coronavirus and enterovirus. These viruses can be seen anywhere in the world. Rhinoviruses cause outbreaks in autumn or spring. Coronavirus causes outbreaks in winter, enterovirus in autumn. As proliferation condition for each virus is different, they vary depending on humidity and temperature of the air. Cold can be transmitted through inhalation of virus particles spread by coughing and sneezing of an infected individual; as well as shaking hands, kissing and being in crowded places. After cold symptoms are first noticed, the patient can recover without bedrest.

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