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Corporate values:

The corporate values of Münir Şahin consist of Innovation, Speed and Growth. The company believes that its success relies on the capability and performance of its employees. Therefore selecting the right staff, ensuring their development and increasing their motivation are of the first order of importance for Münir Şahin.

Organizational structure:

Organizational structure of Münir Şahin includes the General Director reporting to the Board of Directors and other functions of departments reporting to the General Director.

  • Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Medical Department
  • Production
  • Storage and Logistics

Münir Şahin employs approximately 150 persons. Providing services all around Turkey, Münir Şahin has regional offices in 7 provinces as well.

Recruitment process

Aware of the fact that the performance and competence of its team is one of the critical building blocks on the road to success, Münir Şahin implements a careful and captious recruitment procedure in order to place the right candidates to the right positions.

Münir Şahin accepts applications via internet and responds to them one by one through the same channel. In the cases where there is a vacant position, appropriate applicants are called to the head office for interview. The first interview is conducted by the Human Resources. If the applicant succeeds it, the second interview is conducted by the manager of the relevant department. If the applicant is approved, all information regarding the position is provided to him/her in the job offer made by the Human Resources. After the applicant accepts the offer, the employment process starts.

Career Development

For Münir Şahin, career path does not only mean to get promoted to a higher position but also an increase in powers and responsibilities depending on the performance while working in the same position. Therefore, maintenance of personal development is one of the constant criteria. Annually planned training programs also support this target.


Training has an important role in the development plan of each Münir Şahin employee. The trainings required to be completed according to the needs of the position and individual are determined and notified to the Human Resources. After all needs are determined, the trainings are performed within the framework of the training plan prepared by the Human Resources. Based on their characteristics, trainings may outsourced or provided by the Human Resources. Seminars abroad may also be included in the program when deemed necessary.

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