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Münir Şahin İlaç Sanayi succeeded to update its long years’ experience by its new investments to comply with improved global standards.

Our Vision is to become a respected, creditable, reliable and leading company committed to continuous improvement in accordance with ethical principles in the therapeutic areas we are involved in the pharmaceutical industry. To achieve this target, we will become the main supplier of high-quality and cost-effective products to provide continuous access for people to healthcare services. In generics drug manufacturing, we will go beyond the traditional patterns, offering innovative technologies and distribution systems to the market, and create a significant difference in generic drug market. We will become a leader in the industry by reaching the highest performance in the market.

Our Mission is to add value to human health by offering high-quality products and services.

We will achieve this by demonstrating high performance, and by focusing on customer needs and on employee development and satisfaction. We will realize this target by creating, producing and introducing to the market high-quality solutions to health problems of people. With our products and services, we provide help for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and improve health and life quality of people. For this purpose, we work in a responsible and ethical manner considering the needs of individuals, society and environment.

As Münir Şahin, our ethical perception is determined by two basic principles:

  • Operating in accordance with law and ethical rules is a responsibility which should not be compromised in no circumstances.
  • Human health and science should be given absolute priority.

In accordance with these principles, first of all we meticulously comply with all regulations, legislation and rules of the industry we operate in.

With our

  • Almost 150 employees
  • Almost 60 types of drugs manufactured in our plant
  • Sense of social responsibility
  • Ethical perception

we aim to continuously put into service innovative drugs for the Turkish medicine and to help our people to live healthier lives by informing them about the latest developments in the world as soon as possible.

Our Core Business Activity Policy

  • Management in accordance with law and ethical behaviour
  • Not allowing conflict of interest
  • Compliance with business ethics in our business relationships
  • Not causing a damage to our customers’ commercial interests
  • Always keeping our employment policies at high levels

Our Employment Policies

  • Being respectful to human and our employees
  • Ensuring equality of opportunity
  • Not allowing discrimination and harassment
  • Complying with health and safety rules
  • Being open to every opinion.

The company currently produces 10 million boxes of drugs annually in the form of Tablets, Film-Coated Tablets, Granules, Syrups, Suspensions, Pomades and Gels at a manufacturing site compliant with European Union and GMP guidelines, and has the capacity of producing 20 million boxes.

Münir Şahin is aware that quality is created in manufacturing, and on the basis of its continuous development principle, it continuously renews its manufacturing techniques in accordance with Quality assurance system and while doing this, it adopts the rule of the least harm to "Environment" and to "Human".

With the rules for manufacturing determined according to GMP, with the buildings, employees and equipment which ensure complete performance of these rules and with the Quality Control Laboratory which supports all of these with controls complying with GLP, Münir Şahin commits to continuously carry forward its standards of "Quality".

In Münir Şahin, the compability of the manufacturing site and products to quality standards and specifications is controlled and approved in accordance with GLP by the Quality Control Laboratory equipped with the state-of-the-art technological devices. The company have combined its experience with its technology and made investments in its facilities for the future to accommodate modern manufacturing sections, large warehouses and social facilities, in compliance with GMP rules.

The Quality Control Laboratories, which have an important place in the quality assurance system, is the biggest assistant of the manufacturing department in creating the best.

Münir Şahin is continuing its operations in the closed area which reached 5500 m2 with the additional facilities completed in 1997.

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